Make your skiing social with the new Snowciety app

Snowciety now also available for Android

Snowciety is the mobile tracking app which shows you in real-time where your friends are on the slopes. A brand new version has just been released, and for the first time it is now also available on Android. Snowciety's update does not only come with a brand new design, but also introduces the social timeline.
With the introduction of the new social timeline to the dashboard, it should immediately be clear that Snowciety is now all about social. The timeline does not only list your own runs, but also those of your friends and enables you to like or comment on them. Each user now has a profile that collects and summarizes their runs. This new release also improves the interaction with social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Snowciety is no longer just a ski tracking app, but much more a social network for skiers and snowboarders.

Discovery is important in Snowciety. "What are my friends doing on the slopes, where are they now and how can I find them?", are questions that are asked frequently according to Ronald Treur, co-founder of Snowciety. "When you decide to split up it can be really troublesome to join again later. Sometimes you're both convinced you are waiting at the same lift, while in reality your are standing at different ones. This often leads to a lot of confusion". That's why Snowciety shows you in real-time where your friends are on the slopes, on custom designed piste maps. Snowciety also lets you share your runs on the slopes with friends on Snowciety or with the world via your favorite social network.

Snowciety has previously won the award for best B2C app at The Next Web 2012.

The new version of Snowciety is available in the App Store or Google Play store. 
"We learned a lot from the feedback we got from our first few hundred users. One of the things we've heard a lot was that they wanted a better way to stay in touch with their friends while skiing. Snowciety has now much more become a social network for skiers and snowboarders, than just a tracking app." Ronald Treur, co-founder Snowciety
About Snowciety

With Snowciety’s mobile application you can share your day on the slopes and keep track of friends and family.

The app tracks your skiing and snowboarding throughout the day, Sends your location and stats to your friends in real-time. and you can share your day’s summary to your social network. 

Snowciety shows you where your friends are on the slopes. You can see what they are doing, send them tips and encourage them whether you are with them, or sitting at home on your couch.