Amsterdam, The Netherlands | Published on: June 12, 2012
Social media pitch
With @Snowciety's mobile application you can share your day on the slopes and keep track of friends and family
With Snowciety you can share your day on the slopes and keep track of friends and family. We measure distance, duration, speed, etc and share your location and stats with your friends and family in realtime; so you always know where they are and what they are doing. Snowciety is Path-meets-Google-Latitude for skiers.
Snowciety is born out of passion for skiing and snowboarding. We wondered how fast we were going, what distances we rode and had trouble keeping in touch with our friends. Phone calls are easily missed, text messages are too asynchronous and walkie-talkies have a limited range and are expensive to purchase. Wouldn't it be great if you could just see where everybody was? With Snowciety you know when someone is just a bit behind or has taken a wrong turn. You can easily find each other when you decide to split up.

Snowciety has developed special maps showing the pistes and lifts of all the ski resorts in the world. We even added special layers to give you an almost 3D image of the mountains. You can easily see where you are and how to get from A to B. Our goal was to make the maps as user friendly as possible.

On top of the realtime sharing and tracking we've built social features like our Timeline, showing not only your recorded tracks; but also those of your friends. You can share, like and comment just like on any other social network. Skiing and snowboarding is not only about sports. It is also about fun and social interaction. 

The user interface of Snowciety is especially built for use in the cold snowy weather.  We use a lot of swipe gestures and make sure all elements are easy to click on. It even works with those new touch-sensitive gloves on!

Snowciety is the first to combine social media, skiing and personal insights into one beautiful app. 

Snowciety Features:
  • Track your skiing and snowboarding with Snowciety. 
  • Beautiful maps with all the ski resorts in the world. 
  • See where your friends are on the slopes. 
  • Stats that give you insight into your performance and that of your friends. 
  • Sync your tracks with the Cloud, so you can share them and will never loose them again. 
  • Brag to your friends about speed or distance! 
Snowciety is available for free on the App Store.
Snowciety is the first app combining social media and skiing. That is very important to us. A winter holiday is not all about sports, but also about fun and social interaction. That is something Snowciety can really capture with it's social features.

— Timan Rebel, c-founder Snowciety
The best part about Snowciety is that it not only tracks your day on the slopes, but it also offers real-time sharing with your friends. Every moment of the day I know where my friends are and what they are doing. Great for when I want to ride that black piste I heard so much about. I don't have to be afraid I loose my friends ever again.

— Ronald Treur, co-founder Snowciety